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Cellphone’s Ringtones Online

How to Find Free Ringtones Online

Cellphones Ringtones Online

Searching for free ringtones can be tricky. For one, you get the glut of “complimentary” ringtone offers that end up taking you to a ringtone subscription service going anywhere from $5 to $20 a month for a limited number of downloads! Then, you get the membership sites where you can “freely” download commercial ringtones at a fixed monthly fee. There’s numerous other business models that let you get “supposedly free” ringtones that take you through hoops with their own versions of strings attached.

It can leave many searchers frustrated and wondering if there are really any free ringtone sources online. So are there?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. If you know what to look for, that is. Let’s take a quick rundown of the ringtone sources where free really means free.


Of course, warez sites will be free. If you want free ringtones of copyrighted songs and have no qualms about illegally downloading intellectual property, then torrent and direct download link sites are what you should be looking into.

Free Cell Phone Download Sites

Many sites offer free cell phone downloads. Services like Cellware, Cellfish and others allow registered members to both upload and download ringtones along with other cell phone media at no cost. The downside is you won’t likely find many commercial songs among the downloadable options. These sites operate within lawful terms and, thus, take necessary steps to avoid legal liability by policing copyrighted material.

Still, there should be some gems to be found among the free download sites so don’t discount them too quickly!

Cell Phone Forums

Forums where people exchange both information about cell phone downloads as well as trade media among each other are very popular. They are a great way to request specific ringtones from friends you make online as well as discover new ways to get cell phone media from the internet. If you’re concerned about the legality of the trades, make sure to check the terms of service in the sites you find. Many of them have actually taken steps to make the services and the items you get from them compliant with current laws.

Ringtone Makers

Ringtone makers are software that can create ringtones. They are very popular because you can convert any music you have – whether they’re CDs or online downloads – into ringtones that you can install into your phone. You won’t be tied into any monthly service either as you can keep making ringtones as long as the software supports the format of the phone you are currently using.

Ringtone makers are usually available via a web interface or through your local desktop. Many web-based ringtone makers are free such as MyxerTones. Good desktop versions will probably cost a little money, but it’s a worthy purchase, providing you with as many free cell phone ringers as you like. Turn all your favorite CDs into ringtones and install a different one everyday on your cell phone if that’s what you fancy!

More Free Ringtones

There are probably more free ringtones available online than your handset can handle. You just need to look for them at all the right places.

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