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Cell Phone Reverse Index

I had been hassled by crank calls for months, and was considering changing my telephone number because I was frustrated by being unable to find these listed numbers in a phone book. But then a friend suggested I look in a cell phone reverse index to see if I could find information about the numbers I was getting calls from.

I had never heard of a cell phone reverse index before, so I asked him how it worked. He went on the internet and showed me a site that he told me would be the answer to all my problems.

The service seemed very easy to use. All he did was type in the cell phone number that had most recently called me and clicked on the “Search” button. Then the cell phone reverse index site showed him the phone’s carrier, location and type, with even the option to look up the caller’s full name and address!

Some of the calls I had been getting were quite nasty, but I felt unable to do anything to stop them. I couldn’t threaten to sue or set the police on the callers, because they knew that I had no idea what their names or addresses were. I sat down and waited for my next crank call, cell phone reverse index site ready.

This time was different. I looked up the number while the caller was harassing me, and stopped him dead in his tracks by calling him by name. He hung up in a hurry and I haven’t been bothered since, all thanks to using a cell phone reverse index.