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Find Cell Phone Owner

I work at a library reference desk, and people always leave their cell phones in the library. Some of them are very expensive phones as well, so I always wished there was a way to find cell phone owner so we could return their phones to them.

Usually the phones would just sit in Lost and Found for a month and then get tossed in the trash when nobody claimed them. Eventually I sat down and looked online to see if there was a way to find cell phone owner.

I found one site which let me type in the cell phone number, which I got from the phone’s system information page, and then it gave me a listing with name, address, and even a map showing the location where I could find cell phone owner. The next time I got a lost phone, I went straight to that site.

It turned out that I had find cell phone owner who lived right down the street from me, so after work that day I stopped by the address listed on the way home. A woman in her mid twenties answered the phone, and she looked visibly upset, as though she’d had a really stressful day.

She asked me who I was, and I told her I worked at the local library, and had find cell phone owner because she had lost her phone earlier that day. She was ecstatic, and thanked me profusely. She even offered to cook dinner for me, all because I had been kind enough to find cell phone owner.