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Have you ever had your phone ring and display only a single mysterious number? In today’s modern world of telecommunications and cell phone ubiquity, this sort of situation is actually rather common. It may be a wrong number, it may be a new contact or colleague, or it may be a robotic phone call system intending to try and sell you a product or service. How can you tell without calling the number back, and thus wasting your minutes?

Luckily, there is now a free reverse cell lookup website. A free reverse cell lookup is like a phone book in reverse. Instead of looking up the name of a business or person and being given a phone number, a free reverse cell lookup can take any number given to it and determine which carrier and person the number has been assigned to. It can tell if the number belongs to a business or an individual, whether it is from a cell phone or a land line, and even who made the call (you can get even the person’s criminal record for only a small fee).

A free reverse cell lookup isn’t ideal, of course. Disposable phones with no listed contact address can’t be linked to a specific person, and some businesses and individuals have paid to have their numbers remain anonymous. But in general, a free reverse cell lookup will provide you with the answer you need when you just wanna find out who called you. There’s no need to waste minutes or let some telemarketer know they guessed your number correctly. And best of all, it’s free!